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1/1: Commitment Day 5K

Commitment Day 5K

I was going to start my year with a midnight Volkssport walk in Fredericksburg, but got a little worried about doing the solo drive home at 2 something in the morning. So I signed up for the Commitment Day 5K instead. It turned out to be a coldish and dreary day for a walk, but that didn’t stop me from motoring along. I did one mile 14.28 minutes! That might be my fastest yet.

Scariest thing I saw: toddler fell out of stroller, dad leaned down, grabbed kid’s wrist and kind of flung him back in the stroller all without breaking stride. Seemed like it was a routine thing for them. Might want to strap that tot in next time!

I’m now back home and in my PJs. Not a bad way to start a new year.


Info per Endomondo
Distance 3.06 mi
Duration 45m:12s
Avg. Speed 4.1 mph
Max. Speed 5.3 mph
Calories 356 kcal
Hydration 0.10L
Min. Altitude 380 ft
Max. Altitude 478 ft
Total Ascent 214 ft
Total Descent 203 ft

HRM Info
Effect: Maximal performance improving
Time per zone: 45 minutes in zone 3; 3:48 in zone 2; 4:35 in zone 1
Calories burned: 425
Fat calories: 12%
Average heart rate: 149bmp
Max heart rate: 163

Trail of Lights 5k

Spinning under the Zilker park Christmas tree is an Austin tradition.

Spinning under the Zilker park Christmas tree is an Austin tradition.

As if the first walk today wasn’t enough, tonight Darra and I participated in the Trail of Lights 5k. In theory, it was a race. In practice, it was a fun stroll through the trail of lights near Zilker park. Plus? We got to do the Christmas tree spin and munch on roasted corn on the cob. Perfection.


Info (as recorded by Endomondo)
Distance 3.25 mi
Duration 1h:05m:59s
Avg. Speed 3.0 mph
Max. Speed 4.8 mph
Min. Altitude 419 ft
Max. Altitude 508 ft
Total Ascent 105 ft
Total Descent 116 ft