Today’s walk was somewhat against medical advice. After two weird heart rate incidents (one where it dropped rapidly to very, very low and one where it was running high for no reason), I went to my doctor who, in turn, referred me to a cardiologist. (I’ll see the heart doctor in January.) I asked the doctor if it was okay for me to do this weekend’s 11 mile group walk. He said that it wasn’t dangerous, but if I had another rapid rate change, I’d be very uncomfortable and, therefore, he couldn’t recommend it. But…after the week I’d had, I felt the need to get back on track. Skipping a group walk would be big emotional hit for me. So, I went. I didn’t go fast (in fact, I’m not sure I’d make it through the half-marathon before the course closes at this pace), but I did it.

If the old me had seen the current me waiting in the parking lot to start the walk, she would have been pointing and laughing. I was wearing: one long sleeved shirt, one short sleeved shirt, one track jacket, leggings, shorts, wool socks, tennis shoes, mondo mittens (complete with inserted hand-warmers), headband and beanie cap….and I was still shivering! I figured I’d take stuff off as I got warm walking. I finished the 11 miles with everything still on.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home since I was out of yogurt. I need yogurt to get my day started! I manged to make it out of the store without any of those Lofthouse cookies or discount Christmas candy finding their way into my cart. But I was still shivering! It took a good soak in super hot water (with lots of Epsom salt) to finally get warm. Blissfully warm.

Also, thanks to a suggestion by TARfly Martha, I used the Charity Miles app to track my walk and raise money for Autism Speaks – how cool is that? So, in addition to improving my fitness, earning credit at Walgreens via their program, I’m also raising money for charity.


Info from Endomondo:
Distance 11.60 mi
Duration 3h:05m:33s
Avg. Speed 3.8 mph
Max. Speed 7.2 mph
Calories 1280 kcal
Hydration 0.36L
Min. Altitude 420 ft
Max. Altitude 699 ft
Total Ascent 861 ft
Total Descent 961 ft

HRM info
Effect: Fitness improving
Intensity: 16 mins in zone 3; 1:55 in zone 2; 1:14 in zone 3
Calories: 919
Calories Fat: 30%
Average heart rate: 122bpm
Maximum heart rate: 152bpm