Cat Toe

Sorry for the lack of new photos. This is due to a number of reasons. First, I haven’t felt like taking many recently – been being very much a homebody. Second, my computer had to once again be dismantled so some construction-type work could be done in the computer room. Third, my cat Sasha dislocated a toe and is in a great deal of pain. I’ve had to isolate her from my other cat and have been spending a lot of time just holding her and trying to make things feel better. She has to wear a splint for 3-4 weeks! With any luck, my computer will be back up soon and I can scan in her x-rays. Won’t that be fun.

Okay, $371 for the cat, $160 for a new hotwater heater and $1,300 for the construction work. I need a part-time job!

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