So Much for Added Security

I started a new job this past Monday. As with all new jobs, I had to bring documents with me to prove my identity and ability to work in the US. The lady in the HR department pointed out that my drivers’ license had expired. I knew that wasn’t right, but sure enough, when I looked at it, it was expired. So what happened?

Two weeks ago, I was cleaning out my purse as part of my NY trip preparations. I noticed that I had two drivers’ licenses in there – my old and my new one. I decided that wasn’t a good idea, so I cut the old one up – or so I thought. Turns out, I must have cut the new one up.

What does this have to do with security? Well, NO ONE at any of the airports noticed that my photo ID was out of date. To make matters worse, I applied for a new Social Security Card last week (I’d lost mine). What was my photo proof of identity? An expired drivers’ license. Did the SSA people notice? Nope. I got my new card no problem. Good thing I wasn’t trying to attempt identity theft for nefarious reasons…

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