Freya Freak

Well, now I’m officially freaked. When I brought Freya home, I put her in the laundry room. That’s the eat and poop room and I figured that as the most important place for her to visit first. There”s a cat door into the main bit of the house and figured she needed to learn to use it. So, I sit in there and watch her explore – petting on her, talking to her and trying to be quiet and gentle and give her adjustment time. Miri came out, there was much hissing and puffing up. Miri left.

After about 30 minutes, Freya curled up in the cat carrier I’d brought her home in. I went into the house and started to fix me some dinner. I saw her looking through the cat door, so I went and tried to encourage her to use it – lifting the flap a little, calling her name and stroking her forehead when she started to nudge her head through. But nope, she wasn’t going to come through. So, I went about eating my dinner, calling/emailing people to let them know I had a new cat, yadda, yadda.

After a bit, I saw Miri head back out to the laundry room and come running back in at a speed that a 15 year old cat rarely achieves. So, I went back out there to just sit with Freya. I sat down what I thought was a non-threatening distance from the open door of the cat carrier. As I was halfway down, Freya shot out of the carrier at me – hissing, growling and baring her teeth. I screamed and freaked! She retreated back into the carrier and just sat there growling.

I know she’s scared, I know she’s overwhelmed…well, now so am I! I’m scared of her – she’s got to sense that now.

What have I done….

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