Bill Maher

Sometimes I dislike his opinions, sometimes I don’t…but I always respect him for saying what he thinks. In a recent interview, Bill Maher talks about the comment that got twisted and taken out of context…and probably lost him his TV show. Looking at it now, he says it seems very tame and that the reaction to it just shows you were the public’s mind-set was at the time. He follows that comment with:

But you know, there was a good side to that time too. For about a month or two, this country was ready to change. And I will always hold it against this president for not taking advantage of that and asking people to really do anything to change.

Darn good point. We needed leadership, we were told to go shopping. We needed to understand the real issues, we were fed lines about “axis of evil” and “the evil-doers.” *sigh*

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