Top Cat

There’s been a weird power struggle going on in my house. Usually, when I feed the cats, Freya hides behind a box until Miri’s had a bit first and then Freya will join in. This Wednesday, after putting down their food and going back into the kitchen, I heard some noise. I looked back out in laundry room and Freya was munching away at the food while Miri was sitting off to the side looking chastised. Hmmm, that’s weird.

Then, when I came home from lunch that day, I see that Miri’s sleeping on my bed. That’s kind of an odd thing for her to do on a day that’s not cold. (She sleeps on my bed when she’s cold because she can hunker down in the blankets and comforter.) I look in the guest room (where Miri usually hangs out during the day) and see that Freya is asleep in Miri’s fluffy white bed! (Freya has her own fluffy white bed in the living room.) That’s very interesting.

This change in the power structure seems to have lasted until Friday night, when things returned to a more normal state. Is it because I’m around more? Do I unintentionally reinforce the notion that Miri is top-cat? Do I make her feel more empowered?

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