Power Outage

My city is currently being held hostage by an ice storm. (Hey, this is central Texas, it doesn’t take much ice to cause complete and total panic.) Personally? I think the bad weather is a conspiracy to keep me from eating junk food.

You see, it’s once again time for my bi-annual and completely futile attempt to change my eating habits. I’d eaten healthy all weekend – salads, nice sandwiches, a wee bit of pasta with marinara sauce, etc. Well, on the way home from work, I was craving something fast-food and greasy. I didn’t want to drive too far, because Texas drivers and ice aren’t a fun combo, so, I pulled into the Taco Cabana that’s right near my house. Just after placing my order, their power goes out. Okay. Well, not deterred in my desire to break my promise to myself, I drive a few blocks down to Dairy Queen. As I pull into their parking lot, their power goes out. Hmmm. There’s one other fast food place near my house that I can go to and not have to cross any intersections with down traffic lights (most of the traffic lights were out on the roadway). Yep – power was out there too. I finally took the hint and went home. Guess what? My power was out. It didn’t come back on until 9:15pm – by then, it was 53 in the house and my cats were most unhappy.

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