One of Those Days

Yesterday was just one of those days I’d like to forget happened. First, I couldn’t sleep Friday night – for the third night in a row. Saturday, I got up early (even though I was very tired) so I could go to a shoe clearance sale at this great shoe store while they still had some good shoes left in my size. I get up and see that my website and e-mail are down. Ugh. I look at the status page on my web host and it says that my server is “experiencing network problems.” Well hell. So, I take a shower, get dressed and go across town to check out the sale. I drive by the store – there’s a huge line snaked all the way around the parking lot. Poop. Now, while I like buying expensive, ultra-comfortable shoes at a great discount, I don’t like it that much. No way I’m waiting in that line. I turn around and go home.

Webhost and e-mail still down. Poop. I decide to take a nap.

What must have been a few hours later, I roll over in bed to find my cat Miri curled up next to me. That’s not unusual, she usually sleeps next to me. But…what is that smell? Investigation shows that she’s got diarrhea all over her hind legs. Poop – literally. I get up and look around…and follow the diarrhea trail from my bedroom to the litter box. Oh geez. I clean up Miri first (so she doesn’t make more of a mess), throw all my bedding into my semi-working washing machine and then start on the rest of the house. It’s not a happy task.

Worried that it might have been the can food I gave the cats last night, I throw the rest of the food away and put out some dry food. (I usually give the cats dry food, but give them canned from time to time as a treat. Perhaps at Miri’s advanced age, her system couldn’t stand the sudden shift – at least, for now, I’m hoping that’s all it is.) I spend the next few hours sitting with Miri on my lap so I can keep an eye on her. She seems okay – even makes a few trips to the litter box without causing too much of a mess.

After I decide she’s doing better, I go outside to try and clean up my yard a bit. I spend a few hours trying to plant some irises, clear out the bed near my house in the front and clear out the iris bed in the back. I start having trouble breathing and I felt awful – I don’t appear to be made for the great outdoors. Giving up, I go inside and then promptly lose my lunch. Poop – well, pre-poop. I decide I need another nap to recover from the gardening.

I really don’t know what happened to the rest of the day – my webhost and e-mail eventually came back up. I watched my alma mater lose in the NCAA Final Four while working on a cross-stitch project. This project is a 4 foot long banner that I’ve been working on for years. I had a goal to reach the middle point on the chart by the end of the weekend. I had been working for about an hour when I noticed the whole section I had just done was off one stitch to the right! Some patterns you can get away with stuff like that…not with this one. I spent the next two hours ripping out a week’s work. Poop.

After ripping, I come back to the computer to do some web stuff and complain about my sucky day in my blog only to find that the MySQL service isn’t working. Every website I do depends on the database – so, all my sites are down and spitting out MySQL errors all over the place. I’m not happy. I try to call the webhost – no answer. I create a trouble ticket – not answered after 3 hours. *sigh* I just moved to this webhost a bit ago and had been very happy until today. I hope they didn’t lose all my data…or this will be the only blog entry once things get back up and running!

Guess I’ll go to bed and hope things are fixed tomorrow so that I can post this. I certainly hope Sunday is a better day…

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