Miri Medication Mambo

Wow – a TWoP banner ad is linking to this site, so I guess I should put something here, huh?

I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t really had time to update the site much – sorry. This silly site I made has kind of taken over my life. Add in a second round of banner ads for TWoP and a contact database for a great non-profit and I’m one busy puppy!

Miri gave me a scare last weekend. She was really straining and had blood in what little urine she could get out. I knew it was probably just a bad bladder infection, but she’s been my baby kitty for 15 and a half years, which is pretty old for a cat, and I freak out about her health – especially after having to have Sasha put to sleep last year. I took Miri into the vet first thing Monday morning and the vet did think it was just a bladder infection. “At least, I don’t think she has a tumor.” Ack! Don’t even mention it then! So, I brought Miri home with a little bottle of anti-biotics. I’m supposed to give her two pills a day.

Now, Miri’s never been that good about taking pills, but we had a system: wrap her in a towel, pry her mouth open, shove the pill in there and then hold her mouth shut until I feel her swallow. This would work about 50% of the time. Well, it used to work that often. Now that she hardly has any teeth in the back of her mouth, she’s able to push the pill out the side of her mouth with her tongue. So, after two hours of the Miri Medication Mambo, I give up.

I go to the pet store and get some tasty moist cat treats, bring them home and mush a pill into one. Put it on the floor (luckily, Freya seems to think they are the most awful smelling things in the world and runs from them – so no fighting over the treats), Miri saunters up to it, eats the treat and…somehow manages to leave the pill on the floor. *sigh* We repeat this for three more treats until she finally gets the pill down too. She never gets the pill down on the first try – ever. Personally? I think she does it just so she’ll get more treats.

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