The Heroic Century

My friend Jess and I drove to Houston this past Saturday to go to a cool art exhibit (The Heroic Century: The Museum of Modern Art Masterpieces, 200 Paintings and Sculptures) at the Museum of Fine Art. After enjoying the exhibit as well as a few others in the museum. We were driving around Houston trying to find something cool and not get lost. Did we have a map? Nope. Was it night? Yes. Okay, so a map might have been smart. We kept seeing some lighted tents and a large Christmas tree, but couldn’t figure out how to get over to them. After accidentally going into the employee entrance of the Houston Zoo, we were given directions to the “Holiday Festival of Lights” by a very nice zoo employee.

We park and walk towards the lights…Jess spots a place to rent paddleboats. To help make the boats a sure-fire holiday hit, lights have been strung on them. One can rent a paddleboat and paddle around on this pond and see the lights. Jess wants to do it. I’m not so sure. She talks me into it. I’m still not so sure. I picture my fat ass stepping onto the boat, the boat flipping and myself and my bag (complete with camera, iPod and cell phone) going into the pond. Luckily, that didn’t happen (although, I did almost fall off the dock while walking away from the boat – go figure). We paddled. We played chicken with local waterfowl. We giggled as Jess tried to steer to boat back to the dock.

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