Time for Sleep

I picked Miri up at the vet today and couldn’t stand to see how bad off she was. She couldn’t even stand up. I’m a selfish person, but not so selfish that I could see her suffer like that just so I could spend some time hugging her. She’s gone now. Just to make sure our relationship came around completely full circle, her last act was to pee on me. (Did she read that last blog entry? I wouldn’t put it past her.) I buried her in the back yard with the Dutch Irises and right by the window she used to sit in and soak up the sun rays.

I can’t express how much I’m going to miss her. She was my best friend – that may sound lame if you aren’t a pet person, but sometimes a pet is just a pet and sometimes they are friends. Miri always seemed to know when I was upset – she would cuddle up against me and purr. When I was crying after my dad died, I think she spent a whole week glued to me. She helped me so much during that time.

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