Conditioned Toe

Okay, so this morning I’m going through the usual morning “get ready for work” routine. I get into the shower and pick up the mondo size bottle of hair-conditioner that is sitting on the shelf in there. But wait, you say, shouldn’t you start with the shampoo? Well, yes. But you see, the conditioner is so freaking thick, I have to get it started moving towards the opening as soon as possible or I might end up stranded in the shower all prune-y and late for work waiting for a little blob of the conditioner to leave the bottle. So, I turn the bottle upside down, give it a good whack and balance it on the corner of the window sill in my shower. I then move on to the shampoo. While rinsing the shampoo from my hair, the conditioner bottle falls off the shelf – a large blob of conditioner probably shifted and upset the precarious balance. Much cursing followed. In short: a 2 pound bottle of conditioner fell on my toe and it freaking hurts. It’s turning interesting colors too.

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