Misses, Fall, Blood

I forgot to mention a kind of strange thing that happened last weekend. I had ordered pizza (yeah, nothing unusual about that). When the delivery guy first got there, he had the wrong kind of soda. I asked if he could bring me the right kind – they charge enough for soda, I wanted the right kind. It was a bit difficult to communicate this with him as we didn’t seem to have a language in common. He says he will be back in a few minutes and sure enough he was.

I got my soda and was in the middle of pouring myself a glass when I hear another knock on the door. It’s the delivery fellow. He seems rather panicked. He keeps saying, “Misses, fall, blood” and pointing to my left. I finally figure out that he’s pointing to my neighbor’s house. She’s an elderly woman who lives by herself so I run out to see what’s going on. She had fallen down and bloodied her elbow, but other than that was okay. I thought it was very nice of the delivery guy (who was already running late because of the soda thing) to take the time alert me to my neighbor’s predicament. He’d already pulled out of the driveway when he noticed her, so he had to stop the car, run up and check and her and then run over to my place again. Yes, it was the simply decent thing to do, but there seems to be such a lack of simple decency these days, I had to call his boss and commend him.

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