Should I?

I’m feeling weak…I’m actually considering getting cable. Years ago when I was unemployed, I had to get my cable cut off and I promised myself I wouldn’t get it again until I’d met a few goals (which included such things as being debt-free and losing a couple hundred pounds). Well, I’m fatter than ever, my credit card is maxed and I have a 30 year mortgage, so I’m nowhere near meeting any of those goals…but I’m starting to get the cable itch more than I’ve ever had it before.

Do I really want to spend $55/month for cable TV? I could just get local channels for $15/month, but that seems silly considering what it’s going to cost me to get cable installed — I have no outlets anywhere near TV sets and no carpets underwhich to run cable, so I’ll need to get them to do some interior wall drops. Do I really want to give money to the evil monopoly that is Time/Warner? *sigh*

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