Damn Rug Rats

Tonight must have been “bring your weird child to Target night.” I came around this one corner and there was a lady with two small children – one in the basket and one running amok. The child in the basket points at me and says, “you are a bad person. How can you be such a stupid asshole?” Well, fuck you too! Aren’t your parents teaching you such nice things. The mom? Never batted an eye – just kept trying to find the right piece of Rubbermaid to use as storage.

Then, there was another poor kid having a fit and screaming at the top of his lungs. The dad tried all the tricks. First he was polite and asked the child to stop. Then, he ordered the child to stop. Then he said that if the child would not stop, they were going to leave the store and he wouldn’t get anything. As he was dragging the kid out of the store, the kid started yelling, “you can’t fire me! you can’t fire me!” Maybe the kid was crying to begin with because he was suffering from PTSD due to exposure to Trump’s hair.

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