The Problem with Mishka

You know, I’m a firm believer in the idea that pets aren’t disposable. You don’t just give them back if you don’t get along. But honest to god, I have no idea what to do with my cat Mishka. He’s been driving me batty doing his “jump up on things and slowly shove everything off” – looking over at me after each shove to make sure I see that he’s the one causing trouble. He’ll do this until I pull him off the shelf or spray water and/or bitter apple on him. He’d done this for 2 hours straight tonight and, I guess, wasn’t getting enough of a rise out of me, so he went where he is absolutely forbidden to go – up on top of the china cabinet. He promptly shoved 3 flamingos off the top and broke one of them. I go over there, reach up to grab him and pull him down. He flails the whole way. So, I now have a gash on my right check (not that long, but deep) and one that starts INSIDE my right nostril and ends just outside the nostril below the end of my nose. Neither of them will stop bleeding. I just spent 20 minutes in the bathroom trying to get them to stop. When I come out of the bathroom? Where is the damn cat? Yep. On top of the china cabinet. *sigh*

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