Corneas and Cars

I went to the eye doctor today to find out how much my LASIK surgery was going to cost. Turns out, I have thin corneas. Hey! Something about me is thin! The bad thing about that is that I don’t qualify for standard LASIK. I have to get the kind that is 100% laser with no blade. Well, no blade sounds good to me, but it’s much more expensive. In fact, it’s $1,300 (wow, that’s a familiar number – it’s the same as the deductible on my roof) more than I have in my medical savings account. Plus, they expect full payment up-front. I then have to wait for reimbursement from the savings account. I’m really tired of being blind (legally blind without vision correction) and want this surgery. Plus, if I don’t get it (and thus spend the money in my medical savings account), I don’t get that money back. It’s gone forever and I have nothing to show for it.

Of course, I still went straight from the eye doctor to the car dealer. I mean, I got pre-approved for the loan. I have to buy a car, right? It makes even less sense for me to do so than it did before and yet… No, I don’t have it yet. Turns out the car I had picked out from the online inventory had massive hail damage. So, the sales guy is trying to find another car just like it from some place else. How many more signs do I need that this is a bad idea?

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