Sneeze Update

I just got back from taking Mishka to the vet. He doesn’t have a fever and his eye and nose discharges (while gross) are all clear. So, the vet doesn’t think he has an infection or, at least, not one severe enough to pump him up with drugs. I’m supposed to keep an eye on the discharges though. He also said I could get some over-the-counter anti-histamines (he wrote down the generic name and the right dosage) and try those for a bit to see if it is allergies.

Mishka’s right eye is always a little runny. The doctor thinks he might have a permanently blocked tear duct. The only way to treat that is to knock him out, so I don’t think we’ll do that. (Maybe when he has to be put under for something else they can try and clear that at the same time.) Plus, the doctor says that sometimes, even after flushing, they close right back up again. It doesn’t cause Mishka any health concerns, so it’s not really anything to worry about.

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