I’m so frustrated! It’s been one of those “little things after another” kind of day. After watching Davenport lose Wimbledon, I got up to buy air conditioner filters. When I got my new A/C, they gave me a ton of them, but I’ve worked my way through them. Turns out, neither Home Depot nor Lowes carries them. After going to those stores and having no luck, I came home and started making phone calls. I can’t find anyone in town who carries the right size. They carry 1 inch think ones and 4 inch think ones, but no two inch think ones. I’m starting to realize why the A/C people gave me so many freebies. I found a place online to order them – guess I’ll have to live with the $15 shipping fee.

Then, I decided I wanted to start a cross-stitch project. It’s been years since I’ve done any cross-stitching, but watching my friend work on (and finish) projects has given me the itch again. The last time I had this itch, I went out and bought a ton of patterns, specialty thread and lovely fabrics. Instead of going shopping again, I thought I’d do one of those. I have been searching my house for 5 damn hours and I can’t find the damn patterns! I can find the fabric and the thread, but no patterns. The only one I can find, is for a partially finished project that I do not want to start on again. (It’s a 5 foot long celtic banner that’s tough and it’s going to take a day just to figure out exactly where I left off before digging in again.) This is driving me crazy – I know those patterns are somewhere in this house.

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