Photo Essay

Here’s a great photo essay that documents the timeline of damage caused to New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent levee breaks.

4 observations on “Photo Essay
  1. Mary Lou

    This was absolutely astounding, flash pic’s of my beloved New Orleans. But when my daughters tried to go to this it would not work. Can you tell me why?
    It was so wonderful, I could relate to everything, I want to share it and it no longer works.

  2. Jackie Mary Lou's daughter

    I don’t know what I or the computer is doing wrong but I can’t get to the photo album. This is what it says when a click on the link:

    Album Not Found
    We’re sorry, but the online album you’re looking for is unavailable. The owner may have deleted the album after sharing it with you, or the link you used may be incorrect.

    To view the album, please contact the person who originally shared the album with you and ask them to share it again.



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