A week ago I found out my grandma was in the hospital. The news didn’t look good, so I decided to go for a visit. It wasn’t a fun time, but I’m glad I went. It’s like she developed advanced Alzheimer’s in a week. We aren’t sure why her conditioned worsened so severely that quickly, but suspect it has something to do with her doctor taking her off all her medications at once. That just doesn’t seem right, you know? So, my aunt and uncle got her switched to another doctor and moved into a skilled care room at her retirement center. I helped my aunt with the move while I was there.

It was hard seeing Grandma so out of it – the first few days she wouldn’t eat and she didn’t always seem to know where she was. She would just lay there and stare blankly (she can’t see). Since it is Alzheimer’s, I don’t hold out much help that she will improve. I don’t think, however, I realized how depressed I was about the whole thing until I was sitting at work today. Staring at my computer screen and feeling like it was all so pointless.

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