Anyone want a cat?

Does anyone want a cat? He’s real cute. Sure, he’s possessed by satan, but he’s real cute.

I was doing a last minute e-mail check while waiting for my friend to come over so we could head out to a movie (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, btw – damn funny) when I heard Mishka jump up onto the forbidden shelf in the living room. Yes, that’s how honed in I am on that – I heard it a room away. I go running in there to knock him down but not before he knocks the beautiful purple hand-blown glass bowl I bought at the Grassroot Soccer auction last week. It shattered all over the place. My friend shows up as I’m trying to vacuum up the glass and keep the damn cat away. I’m pissed. We are late for the movie.

A few hours later, we are walking back into the house when I hear glass crunch under my shoe. Must have missed a piece. Nope. He broke something else. I don’t know what to do with him. I’ve asked the vet – vet said he’s bored. I play with him, I leave him toys out (rotating them every other day so it’s not the same toys all the time)…I’m at my wits end.

2 observations on “Anyone want a cat?
  1. jenny richter

    beth you need a curio cabinet! With glass doors! I have three of them now, containing all my breakables. Also, a Sephora opened in Cincinnati. Yes I’ve been there. The bill was not a pretty site. I also discovered Jaqua products at Bath and Body for December….Buttercream frosting body butter, carmel cappachino body syrup… I thought I woke up in food I can’t eat heaven…check it out jenny


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