Mishka vs. the ceiling fan

So, I’m sitting there at lunch, enjoying some nasty fast food and catching up on the news when my electricity goes out. Damn. I wait for a bit, but it’s time to go back to lunch. I walk into the living room to see Mishka on top of the entertainment center staring intently at the still ceiling fan. It dawns on me: he’s never seen it when it’s not moving. He mews and chatters at the fan. It is, apparently, now a sworn enemy. I could try and get him down from the entertainment center (the back corner if it is pretty close to the ceiling fan), but I know he’d just get right back up there after I leave. I take a picture of the scene and leave – certain that I’ll come back to a broken fan, broken cat or some combination of the two. Luckily, he seems to have left the fan alone.
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And from the “I have the flu and have been spending a lot of time in bed” series of cat photos…
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