Wet Cat Lunch

This is how my lunch hour went today: left work and drove home. Made sandwich and got a soda. Went into computer room and catch up on email and forum posts. Hear a noise in the kitchen: Mishka must be scooting the dishes around in the sink. I go in there and he’s half in the sink – just looking at me. I grab him, turn on the water and get him good and wet. He jumps down and runs away. I go back to the computer room. About 10 minutes later, I hear him rummaging in the sink again. I go back in there. Again, he just looks at me as I approach. I grab him, turn the water on, turn the sprayer on and soak him from head to toe. Can you guess what noise I heard about 20 minutes later? And what noise I’ve been hearing ever since I got home from work tonight?

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