Obessed with cookies

No, it’s not me – shock! It’s Mishka. Every now and then, I buy cookies from the grocery store bakery. They come in this plastic container. At first, I thought he just loved the sound the plastic made when he gnawed on it. But no, it’s the cookies. Five minutes after bringing them home, he finds them and starts attacking. One night, I made the mistake of leaving the container on the counter-top when I went to bed. I woke up to half eaten cookies and crumbs all over the place. Tonight, I was emptying out the dishwasher. I opened up the plate cabinet and discover a container with 3 cookies left in it. I put them up there last week to keep them “safe” and then forgot about them. (I know!) So, I toss them in the trash can and go back to my flickr.com obsession in the other room. Ten minutes later – crash! Bang! Boom! Mishka had knocked over the trash can and was trying to get at the cookies. *sigh*

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