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I went back to the old airport today to take photos. In theory, I went because I wanted to test out my old film camera to be sure I still knew how to take pictures with it. (I want to take it with me to when I go see Tai Shan because I have a strong zoom lens for it.) Well, I took a roll of film…and over 300 digital pictures. I obviously need help.

Things I learned today:

1. I should not be let out of the house with expensive stuff. I lost a lens hood and almost lost 2 lens caps. I hope my lens hood enjoys the rest of its unnatural plastic days the field across from the old hangar.

2. I’ve gotten very use to digital point and shoot cameras. When I first got one, the view screen annoyed me. I found it difficult to point the camera where I wanted using it. Now? I missed it with the film camera!

3. I’ve also gotten very used to the flippy screen on my new digital point and shoot. Need to get a cool angle? No need to bend over, sit down, lay in the grass, etc. Just flip the screen around and point the camera.

4. I’d forgotten how cool the camera slap sounds on an SLR. Seriously – it’s wonderful.

5. When poking your head into a bathroom in an old abandoned building a week after heavy rain, do not inhale. I got a snout full of mold and almost threw up on the spot. If I die from black mold spores, you’ll know why.

6. When walking around on an old abandoned property, watch where you are going – or some coiled barbed wire might suddenly appear to attack you.

7. It’s very important to not forget your freaking sun screen.

Photos to come later.

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