Steps for making your bed with clean sheets

  1. Take all the pillows off your bed and stack them on the vanity.
  2. Take clean sheets out of the dryer and stack them on the pillows

  3. Put the bottom sheet on the bed – just go around any cat lumps you might encounter.

  4. Tease the cat lump by lifting up the covers and trying to take pictures of it. Then drop the covers back down and scare the cat lump by grabbing it.

  5. Put the top sheet and blanket on the bed.
  6. Wait for the cat lump to emerge from under the sheets
  7. Enjoy the “clean sheets” cat dance.

  8. The dancing will go on for as long as it needs to.

  9. There is no stopping it. Just accept it.

  10. Leave the room and wait for the dance to be over. The sooner you leave, the sooner it will be over.

  11. After the dancing is done, put the bedspread on. Do not do this before the dancing ends as the dancing requires extensive use of claws. The bedspread does not like claws.

  12. Put clean pillow cases on the pillows and put them back on the bed.

Here’s a bad video of the dance.

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