To desk or not to desk

I finally got my computer room cleaned out and ordered a desk, lateral and bookshelf. They were delivered today. Knowing there was no way I would ever get all that shit assembled, I hired my mom’s friend Tony to do it. (He’s out of work and can use the cash.)

I get home for lunch and there’s furniture bits all over the driveway. Tony is saying the “L” won’t go the way I want. I said the advertisement said it would. He said it won’t. Okay, I trust him.

I come home from work and it’s mainly put together in the room. First, IT’S HUGE! Way too big for my tiny room. But, that’s my fault, not Bush’s. Then, I read the poorly illustrated instruction book and notice that if you happened to start looking at the instructions on page 29 instead of page 1, you get the instructions for how to put the desk together in the direction I wanted. No idea how they expected someone to know to jump forward to page 29. Tony’s offered to reassemble the whole damn thing, but I’m trying to decide.

You see, it’s a piece of shit. I knew it wasn’t going to be high-class top of the line furniture, but I wasn’t expecting plastic feet (on large heavy furniture), peeling drawer handles and doors that are held together with tiny, thin bits of cardboard. *sigh*

I’ve looked for a desk I like for years and finally found one that looked like I wanted…and now I’m wondering if I should send it back…and wondering how one sends back a room full of assembled furniture!

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