Cats, cats, cats

Today, we get not one, but two new cat stories!

1. This morning, I’m at home getting ready for work (i.e. checking my email, drinking Diet Dr. Pepper and eating a Pop-Tart) while Mishka is sitting on the window-sill enjoying the view. All of a sudden, I hear a hiss, a growl, a loud rattle and a thunk! I look over and Mishka is hanging on the newly re-shaped blinds – his head through a lovely new “U” shaped section that’s been created by the force of his weight and the fact that he’s hanging on for dear life with his front paws. He’s making that chattering “there’s a squirrel/bird/something out there and I must go to it and attack” sound. I holler at him and that seems to break the spell long enough for him to realize he’s stuck in mid-air with very little support. Hilarity ensues as he tries to find a graceful way down and ends up just flopping on to the floor.

2. I’m heading back for work after lunch. I get into the car, put my keys in the ignition, put in the clutch and get ready to start the car when I hear a loud meow. I look in my rear-view mirror and there’s Batsy sunning himself in the back of the car. I say, “do you mind?” He jumps off the back shelf-thingie, on to the back seat and then saunters up between the seats until he’s sitting on the storage thing between the two front seats. I point to the open window. He saunters across my lap and hops up onto the door, looks around and then somehow manages to saunter his way onto the car hood where he proceeds to yawn and start to clean himself. I start up the engine. He yawns again. He wouldn’t get down until I started backing the car out of the driveway. Sheesh!

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