The Who

The Who? Totally rock. Despite being damn old and half-dead (literally, half-dead), they rock. I was blown away and very pleasantly surprised by the show they put on. (I’d feared the worst.) It didn’t feel like “old guys trying to pretend they are angry young men or at least still young and hip” – it just felt like them being them. And Pete can still wail at that guitar like there’s no tomorrow. Yeah, Roger’s voice isn’t want it used to be and he has trouble with the high notes, but I didn’t care. They did an extended version of My Generation that was fantastic. And their mini-Tommy encore was amazing…and that’s from someone who’s darn sick of Tommy-hype. All the concerts are filmed and recorded and are being released (unedited and unsweetened) on DVD and CD. You can buy “your” concert – and all the profits go to charity. Pretty damn cool.

The opening act was The Pretenders and they too were surprisingly tight. Chrissie’s voice is still amazing.

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