It’s been one of those days – nothing awful happened and I don’t really have anything to complain about, but I felt totally out of sync all day. My “getting ready to call it a night” routine just topped that off!

I went to scoop the kitty poop and then gathered up my trash because tomorrow’s trash day. I went outside and noticed that the new, expensive, energy-saving supposed to last forever light bulb that I put in the light fixture over my driveway yesterday was burned out. I guess I can’t complain – I had put a similar one on my back patio last night and it lasted all of 3 hours. Hey, this guy was a marathoner by comparison.

All of a sudden, I felt something on my head and then arm. I did that “Eeee! Is there a bug on me?” dance that looks ever so graceful until I shake a lizard off me. S/he must have been sitting near the top of the door and got dislodged when I opened it. *shudder* Oh well, I had to take the trash out, right?

After walking over to the trash can, dumping my trash in it and walking it half-way to the curb, I notice no one else has their trash out. Odd. Oh. I turn back around and wheel the can back up to the house. It’s Tuesday. Trash night is Wednesday. I decide there’s no way I’m going to get up on the ladder and replace the driveway bulb after this day, so I go back inside… where I discover a trail of dirty cat litter from the door to the litter box. Guess I didn’t notice a small hole in the trash bag.

Screw this day! I’m going to bed!

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