The new routine

Batsy and I have gotten into quite the routine lately. Not only is he there on my driveway when I come home from work, but now he’s also joining me on my evening walks. He’s on my front porch when I open the door and meows at me as I get the house locked up. Next, it’s time to stretch my hip and hamstrings a bit – which seems to put me in a perfect position to pet him while he loudly purrs. He walks with me as I slowly go down the street until I get to the second to last house and where he breaks off to sit under a car. I walk down to the school, do three laps and then walk back. As soon as I pass that car, Batsy pops out from underneath it and follows me home. where I end the walk by stretching (and petting him) before going inside. We are like a sad, old married couple.

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