Greetings from Paris

We couldn’t quite decide which one of these we liked more. They each offer a little something fun – Jenny’s eyebrow, Lucy’s distrusting eyes, me looking tall… These were taken at the Paris train station shortly after we arrived from London via the Eurostar.

Our day had started with a wild goose chase – searching for a candy store that carried the kind of British toffee I’d promised to bring home for the lady who cuts my hair. I feel bad that I won’t have any to bring her, but we had no luck. Either the website was giving us the wrong address, the store’s closed or there are two streets of the same name in the city and the other one wasn’t on my map’s index. It was after the toffee search that we got on the Eurostar and headed to Paris. Where….

My day went down hill. My hip hurts so much I can sometimes barely walk. Why did I book a 12 day trip? Why? Six days into it and I look like this. I hope I feel better tomorrow. I already feel bad that I’m slowing my friends down.

Images posted taken and by fellow traveler chanuck.

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