I’m so tired of this

Dear Senator Clinton,

You agreed to disenfranchise the voters of Michigan and Florida, so don’t try to say that not counting their votes is akin to what’s going on in Zimbabwe unless you include yourself in the group of people denying voters the right to express their opinions sans coercion. You only cared about their votes when you realized you desperately needed them in order to gain the office you  think you deserve.

The DNC rules committee might be full of bull-shitters who care more about rules than true democracy, but the decision they handed down was actually a favor to you. It wasn’t exactly what Obama wanted – as your talking heads have been saying – and it wasn’t the silliness that you proposed since that proposal was against the existing rules on the books. It was a compromise.

I full and wholeheartedly agree with you that this country needs election reform. Our current process is an embarrassment to this fine country. But you can’t enact reform in the middle of or near the end of an ongoing election.

If you had any true interest in seeing a Democrat in the office of President, you wouldn’t be doing anything and everything to divide the party. If your followers are bitter and stupid enough to vote for a Republican for President (or sit the election out) because you aren’t the Democrat candidate, you are to blame as they are simply following your lead and adopting your bitter and entitled attitude.

A former supporter

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