A look at the Obama and McCain tax plans

Not surprisingly, the experts declare that Obama’s tax plan helps the poor and middle class more while McCain’s helps the rich. Both raise the national debt…want to guess which plan raises it more?

From the TaxVox article:

…Obama’s generosity comes at a price, however, He’d raise the national debt by a staggering $3.3 trillion over the next decade, and that includes more than $900 billion in promised revenue raisers that TPC could not verify.

Keeping to the pattern of Bush-era Republicans, McCain would also go deeper into the red than Obama. Including interest, he’d increase the national debt by $4.5 trillion over a decade. To what I suppose is his credit, McCain only includes about $365 billion in unspecified revenue raisers in his plan compared with Obama’s $900 billion. Let’s just say both have wills far bigger than their wallets.

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