Grilled cheese

While in Sparta, we decided we wanted a bit of something to munch on, but it didn’t look like much was open. We see a grill right by the lovely theater and it looks like it might be open. We go down and try the door. Inside, we find a tiny little diner that feels like it’s trapped in another era. We ask the lady behind the counter what they have: “short order stuff. Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sandwiches…” What kind of sandwiches? “Hamburgers, cheeseburgers…” We decide that a grilled cheese sounds safe. Two grilled cheese with tomatoes coming up! Oh, and a glass of water for me and iced tea for Jess.

For some reason, the sandwiches arrived with pickles on top. Lucy would have been appalled. We ate them and then I took the one step over to the counter to pay. She asked if I was paying for both and I said yes. “That’ll be $3.75.” Cheapest lunch ever! I’ve been trying to figure out the pricing ever since…$1.50 per sandwich and .75 for the tea?

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