I’m Jen, and I approve this message

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Mimiboo Too

Seriously, Sarah Palin? You’re going to snark on Barack Obama for being a community organizer, for mobilizing the poor in Chicago to seek more opportunities, better schools, for forcing the government to pay attention to them? Giuliani mentioned it too, drawing laughter from the crowd with his dismissal of Obama’s Ivy League education and community experience.

You know what? Community organizers remember the people that mayors and governors and presidents forget. They empower people who have had no power at all. Jesus was a community organizer. So was Gandhi. Jane Addams. Martin Luther King Jr. Women gained the right to vote through community organizing; the civil rights movement began that way too. Don’t knock community organizers. I’d much sooner support a community organizer than a small-town mayor who wanted to ban books from the public library.

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