Wow – that’s dense

Palin falls prey to Canadian pranksters – Yahoo! News

U.S. vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin fell prey to a Canadian prankster on Saturday when he called her impersonating French President Nicolas Sarkozy and got her to accept an invitation to hunt baby seals.

In an over-the-top French accent, a member of the Quebec comedy duo “The Masked Avengers,” famous for tricking celebrities and politicians including Sarkozy himself, asked if Palin would take him on a hunting trip by helicopter, and then in French said they could also go kill baby seals.

An apparently oblivious Palin said she thought that would be fun. “We could have a lot of fun together as we’re getting work done. We could kill two birds with one stone that way.”


The prankster responded by complimenting Palin on a notorious Hustler porn film “Nailin’ Paylin,” which he said was a documentary of her life.

“Oh good, thank you,” Palin said.

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