I survived the election

The first time I sign up to work the polls and the precinct I was at had record numbers. We had 50 people in line at 7am. They’ve never had people in line at 7am. I mean, how many students actually get up at 7am? Despite the fact that almost 50% of the precinct voted early, we herded about 1,500 people through our 10 voting machines. At times, the line wrapped around three times in the large library foyer we were in. Also, I had to send a huge chunk of people to other precincts to vote because they were in the wrong place. So, I really have no idea how many people I actually ID/precinct checked today! I was pretty much standing from 6am – 8:45pm – just one short break to scarf down a peanut butter sandwich (and check on the alarm going off in my house and update my Facebook status – priorities, you know) and a little bit of sitting towards the end when things were wrapping up.

Thanks to everyone who was nice and pleasant when a sweaty fat lady with bozo the clown hair (I seriously need a haircut) told them they were in the wrong precinct and they needed to go elsewhere to vote. I felt bad every time I had to say that to someone!

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