Chicken or the egg?

So, which came first – our disinterest in actual news or the media directing our attention away from it? Click thru for examples of how the covers of Newsweek and Time magazine differ between the US edition and the rest of the world.

Sociological Images » American Vs. International News: Time And Newsweek

Americans are notorious for their ignorance of global issues and international news. This may be because Americans aren’t interested or it may be that our news outlets feed us fluff and focus us only on the U.S. Probably it’s a vicious cycle.

Dmitriy T.M. pointed me to some stunning evidence of this phenomenon.

The cover story for Newsweek magazine’s September 2006 edition was “Losing Afghanistan” in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. It was “My Life in Pictures,” a story about the photographer Annie Liebovitz in the U.S. (via):

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