Election day training walk

I actually got started too late and ended up late to work. Oops. It was election day so I wore my new Obama shirt. That shirt is a nice fitting size medium. The last election, I bought an Obama shirt in 3X. It was too tight to wear. So…my body has changed a bit. :)

Here’s the route

Info (as recorded by Endomondo)
Distance: 3.42 mi
Duration: 53m:47s
Avg. Speed: 3.8 mph
Min. Altitude: 682 ft
Max. Altitude: 755 ft
Total Ascent: 73 ft
Total Descent: 69 ft

John Doe: There’s a Hole
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Someday Never Comes
The Pogues: Night Train To Lorca
The Replacements: I Won’t
The Pretenders: Don’t Lose Faith In Me
Cracker: Mr. Wrong
Patti Smith Group: Revenge
Soul Coughing: Houston
Aretha Franklin: Chain Of Fools
Spoon: Goodnight Laura
The Beatles: Ticket To Ride
John Lennon: Mother
The Pretenders: Tattooed Love Boys
Crowded House: Hole In The River
The Shins: Red Rabbits

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