Cross Mountain Walk

Butterfly and thistle

Butterfly and thistle

Today was a holiday, so I took advantage of the day off by driving to Fredericksburg and doing one of their year-round Volkssport walks. It started with a walk up Cross Mountain – thus named for the rather large crucifix at the top of it. Oh, and it’s more of a hill than a mountain. From there, it went into through the countryside and into a suburb, which was kind of boring. After that, though, was an old cemetery with really lovely fences around some of the graves. Then it kind of circled back around through the suburb.

It was a beautiful day – perfect for walking and just enjoying the feeling of the sun on my face. In some spots, it was so quiet (when the wind wasn’t blowing) with just the sound of my breathing and foot-falls. Afterwards, I was so hungry and devoured an omelet and a piece of pie at Denny’s!

Photos can be found here or view the slideshow:


Info (as recorded by Endomondo)
Distance 7.31 mi
Duration 3h:15m:25s
Avg. Speed 2.2 mph
Min. Altitude 1702 ft
Max. Altitude 1908 ft
Total Ascent 605 ft
Total Descent 633 ft

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