11/27: Hill walk

The route with the mondo hills. Every time I walk this, I feel like I’m going to die while going up Mountain Climb Dr. I swear I’ll never walk this route again. Then, I get past the hill and…everything feels so easy and smooth. I feel like I’m flying (well, a limpy old lady version of flying). By the end of the walk, I’m happy and glad I did it. That’s pretty amazing considering how screwed up this walk started: I dropped my phone 3 times before even starting and my fingers were purple because I’d forgotten my gloves. Plus, my feet were getting numb. It wasn’t that cold out. Darn Raynaud’s Syndrome!



Distance 3.46 mi
Duration 57m:24s
Avg. Speed 3.6 mph
Min. Altitude 584 ft
Max. Altitude 890 ft
Total Ascent 491 ft
Total Descent 482 ft


Jimmy Cliff: The Harder They Come
The Replacements: Unsatisfied
Pete Townshend: Empty Glass
Mumford & Sons: Dust Bowl Dance
The Replacements: Darlin’ One
Gun Club: She’s Like Heroin To Me
The Weepies: Be My Honeypie
Young The Giant: My Body
Talking Heads: And She Was
Janis Joplin: Mercedes Benz
Paul Simon: Gumboots
Kings of Leon: Mary
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Run Through The Jungle
U2: Numb
The Feelies: What Goes On
The Beatles: Paperback Writer

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