12/2: Fairview Park Volkssport Walk

Fun mailbox in south Austin

Fun mailbox in south Austin

A slightly overcast day wasn’t going to stop me from walking. I decided to do the Colorado River Walker‘s annual Fairview Park walk. It starts from the same hotel as the Lady Bird Lake one and winds around some lovely neighborhoods in South Austin – complete with some fantastic looking homes – and ends up going down the SoCo shopping strip. Yes, I went shopping! And stopped at the trailer food park. I can haz Smorkin’ Labbits from Monkey See? And a pumpkin cupcake from Hey, Cupcake! And a slice of Margherita pizza from Home Slice? Oh, what a wonderful day.


Info as reported by Endomodo:
Distance 7.58 mi (I think it was just 6.2 miles)
Duration 3h:59m:18s
Avg. Speed 1.9 mph
Max. Speed 5.4 mph
Calories 815 kcal
Hydration 1.72L
Min. Altitude 406 ft
Max. Altitude 589 ft
Total Ascent 1191 ft
Total Descent 1130 ft

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