12/16: Speed building walk

I went with irony for today's walking shirt.

I went with irony for today’s walking shirt.

Today I actually did the speed building walk I was supposed to do. I don’t like doing it – you are supposed to walk as fast as you can for 1 minute and then at your regular pace for the next minute, repeat until done. Why don’t I like it? I’m a wuss. I’m still not good at pushing myself physically. I might not ever be. When things get tough, my first reaction isn’t to try and ramp things up to push through, my first thought it: forget this! It’s why walking has been working for me as my main form of fitness. It’s not super challenging – I feel like I can do it with no problem. It’s also why, unless I change, I’ll never be an athlete or a super-fit person.



Distance 3.83 mi
Duration 1h:01m:18s
Avg. Speed 3.8 mph
Max. Speed 4.7 mph
Calories 413 kcal
Min. Altitude 668 ft
Max. Altitude 782 ft
Total Ascent 231 ft
Total Descent 220 ft

HRM readings

Calories: 431
Fat Calories: 27%
Average heart rate: 126
Maximum heart rate: 150


Billy Bragg: God’s Footballer
R.E.M.: Blue
Aretha Franklin: Respect
Silversun Pickups: Future Foe Scenarios
The Replacements: Happy Town
The Decemberists: Dear Avery
Lou Reed: Busload Of Faith
X: Year 1
The Waterboys: Red Army Blues
X: Because I Do
Buddy Holly & The Crickets: That’ll Be The Day
Sugar: Changes
John Doe: Moonbeam
Kate Bush: Love And Anger

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