11/19: Sparky people

Sparky people

Since I’d been down and out for the count yesterday with a cold and didn’t plan on doing water aerobics after work tonight, I figured I needed to do some different cross-training this morning. Well, I really wanted to go for a walk, but I’m still feeling dizzy and out of it thanks to the cold and didn’t think roaming around my neighborhood in the dark was a good idea. Since this DVD arrived during my sick day yesterday, I thought I’d give it a try – despite the perky looking woman on the cover. (Given my mood, I was sure I’d want to smack her after the first few minutes of the DVD.) She is a little perky, but more matter-of-fact in her presentation than perk, so I could deal.

I did the “ballet-inspired barre routine” and the “equipment-free fat blaster” one. Neither got my heart rate really up and going, but, as with most exercise DVDs, I think that’s more because of my own limitations rather than the exercise routines themselves. The barre routine had a series of plea squats that, even though I wasn’t going that deep, left my hip hurting. Perhaps it’s not wise to do those, I’m not sure. The fat blaster one included a series of planks that I couldn’t do at all since they included what were essentially slowed down burpees – my right hip doesn’t hinge that way. Oh well, I tried them and will probably try them again at a later date. At least I got up off my ass and moved…right?

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