The Binge Questionaire


I have an assignment to do from my therapist whenever I binge eat. So tonight, I decided to do it in public. I’m to answer the following questions immediately after I eat:

1. Am I angry or upset?
I wasn’t before I ate. Now I’m ticked off at myself. Wondering why I continue to do this: eat stuff when I’m not hungry, spend money on food I don’t need to spend, sabotage my hard work. It’s so damn frustrating and I get very, very pissed off at myself. I’d had an okay day. Nothing majorly stressful and was in a good mood after having a mani/pedi. Why did I need to drive some place and buy enough candy that eating in one sitting should put me in a coma? Where’s the fucking logic or reason in that?

2. Am I or do I feel like crying?
Not until I typed my answer to question #1.

3. What does my body feel like?
Horrible, bloated, stretched, lethargic, flabby….BAD.

4. What do I want to do now?
Sleep. Always sleep.

5. Do I want to do this again?
Hell no. Didn’t the last elevently thousand times either.

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