Good-bye John Entwhistle

…you will be missed.

Back Spasms

Things not to do when you are having back spasms:

  • leave the phone that’s by your bed on the floor
  • leave your purse on the floor in the middle of the room – especially when it contains your magical relaxation pills. If you do, you might have to scoot it bit-by-bit over to the wall so you can have something to hold on to while you bend down and try to pick it up.
  • try and reach down to turn on the bath water – you might fall forehead-first into the wall. It takes awhile and some pain to stand back up again.
  • purchase a 30 pound box of cat litter, carry it into your house and try (and this is the crucial part) to set it down on the floor
  • attempt to tie your shoes

So Much for Added Security

I started a new job this past Monday. As with all new jobs, I had to bring documents with me to prove my identity and ability to work in the US. The lady in the HR department pointed out that my drivers’ license had expired. I knew that wasn’t right, but sure enough, when I looked at it, it was expired. So what happened?

Two weeks ago, I was cleaning out my purse as part of my NY trip preparations. I noticed that I had two drivers’ licenses in there – my old and my new one. I decided that wasn’t a good idea, so I cut the old one up – or so I thought. Turns out, I must have cut the new one up.

What does this have to do with security? Well, NO ONE at any of the airports noticed that my photo ID was out of date. To make matters worse, I applied for a new Social Security Card last week (I’d lost mine). What was my photo proof of identity? An expired drivers’ license. Did the SSA people notice? Nope. I got my new card no problem. Good thing I wasn’t trying to attempt identity theft for nefarious reasons…

Joy and Action

Yeah! I finally finished re-doing my mom’s Web site!

Last Day

Later today I start my last day at my current job. I’ve been there over two years and love the people I work with — it will be hard to leave. I packed up one box of stuff from my desk and brought it home. It never made it out of my car, though. I don’t want to think how many boxes it’s going to take to get everything out of the office. Since when did half of my belongings end up at work?

Hello, Hansi!

Welcome Hans! Johann Erik Keydel (aka Hans) came into the world Saturday afternoon. He weighed in a 9 pounds (!) and is 22 inches long. Congrats to Suvi and Stefan!

Hate Poetry

Auto Cool

Thanks to the City of Austin, I now have a new, free programmable thermostat. Why do I suddenly fear waking up to it being 50 degrees in the house? Or 100? There are so many little buttons to play with…


So, I just got back from a trip to NY where I spent a whole evening at a really cool party being too shy to talk to anyone. I’m an idiot! Oh well, it was fun watching everyone.

Unexpected Construction

So, I’m sitting at home totally stressed out because all of the data and files on a site I made ( and have become obsessed with have been lost. Add to that a general lack of sleep due to insomnia and you’ve got one stressed out puppy. I’m busy re-importing the database in small chunks and re-uploading all the files when all of a sudden, there is very load hammering going on outside my house right on the other side of the wall. Turns out, I was getting siding installed on my house today day. Who knew? Certainly not me.