Ghost Cards

My dad always had a deck of cards near him – either cards or seek-and-find books. He had cards stashed all over the house. This past weekend, mom had some friends over and they wanted to play a card game. Mom spent hours looking and couldn’t find a single deck of cards in the house! Dad must be bored in the great beyond and came back to get them to play with…

Naughty Cat

Somehow Sasha has managed to completely remove her bandage and splint…along with huge tufts of cat hair. *I love my cat, I love my cat, I love my cat.* Wonder how much this vet visit will cost?

Hurt Cat

Sasha’s hanging in there – but not too happy. I think you can see why:
Sasha\'s X-Ray

Cat Toe

Sorry for the lack of new photos. This is due to a number of reasons. First, I haven’t felt like taking many recently – been being very much a homebody. Second, my computer had to once again be dismantled so some construction-type work could be done in the computer room. Third, my cat Sasha dislocated a toe and is in a great deal of pain. I’ve had to isolate her from my other cat and have been spending a lot of time just holding her and trying to make things feel better. She has to wear a splint for 3-4 weeks! With any luck, my computer will be back up soon and I can scan in her x-rays. Won’t that be fun.

Okay, $371 for the cat, $160 for a new hotwater heater and $1,300 for the construction work. I need a part-time job!


James, wherever you are, please let us know you are safe.

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today would have been my dad’s 61st birthday.

New Computer

Yeah! I have a new computer now. I can’t ever turn it off because the CMOS battery is dead, but I have a new computer! Everything flies now. Life is good.

Blue Funk

Sorry for the lack of new photos lately. I’ve been in a blue funk, my computer crashes all the time and, to top it all off, I have tonsillitis! So, you will be stuck with a week of boring “what can I take a picture of while sitting here waiting for my computer to boot up” pictures.

More Zohn

It’s official…I seriously need help. I’ve built a web site in 5 days. Now I need more themes, more icons, more avatars…more, more, more!

Obessesions are dangerous.

Ethan Zohn

So, I gave up this weekend and hooked up some computer essentials. I had so many things I wanted to do…did I do any of them? Of course not! I surfed the web looking for pictures of Survivor Ethan Zohn. I tell ya, if I’d have known someone that cute was on the show, I might have watched it more – I always seemed to tune in when someone was whining about something. (Yeah, that’s shallow, but we’re talking TV here – nothing deep about it.)

Other than that, I seem to have mainly slept and screwed up a cross-stitch project. I seriously need a life!